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Farm City Newsday Monday, 02-08-21

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Farm City Newsday

Get the latest agriculture news in today’s Farm City Newsday. Taylor Hillman hosts today’s show. Bloom is unofficially kicking off this week for several crops including almonds. We have a report on what we should be expecting from this year’s bloom and fruit set following last year’s near-perfect pollination and record-breaking crop. It’s also World Ag Expo week and the virtual event starts tomorrow through Thursday. Danielle joins with a report on some of those details including the search engine designed for the expo. She also has details on a national report with positive news on bankruptcies reported from 2020, although the state numbers were a little worse. Brian German has a few reports as well, one for cotton producers and the benefits of engaging with the national trust protocol, nutrient management project funding, and the details on the AgSafe Conference which begins next week. Tune in to the show for these news stories, recipes, features and more.

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