Farm Bill Markups

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The Senate had their day yesterday, but today is the day for the House ag committee Farm Bill mark up. Sabrina Hill has more.
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Published May 15, 2013
Members of the House Ag Committee are gathered at this hour for their Farm Bill markup. During a markup, the congressmen and women have the chance to debate, amend and rewrite the proposed legislation.

In the version of the Farm Bill released by the House on Friday, there were stiff reductions to subsidies for traditional commodities – in the amount of $22 billion cut. Another $20.5 billion was cut from nutrition assistance, and $6.9 billion cut from conservation. Some programs did make it through, not only without cuts, but with increases. That includes disaster aid and crop insurance.

However, it’s not yet known what portions of that Farm Bill will make it through the markup untouched. There could be many more changes in store.