Every Winery Needs a Dog

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wineryCathy Isom gives us several of the reasons why a winery needs a dog. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Every Winery Needs a Dog

No matter what the breed, whether it is a Labrador, Border Collie, Weimaraner, or that adorable rescue, every operating vineyard should have a four-legged friend. And not just to charm the guests who come around for the tastings. Sure, a little love and scratch behind the ears may also help boost some sales.

But on a serious note Dogs can help protect other animals, sniff out the harmful critters and pests before a harvest, and actually help vineyards cut down on the use of machinery, pesticides and other chemicals.

California, which produces about 90 percent of domestic wine, is said to have some of the hardest working canines around.  One Northern California winemaker is teaching its Labrador Retriever to sniff out the pests that could potentially devastate entire vineyards. While another vintner relies on its dogs to keep the mountain lions and coyotes from coming around.

Dogs can also help spook the deer who, when they get hungry, are apparently known to strip vines.

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Image credit: (top left) Bubba Larson at Larson Family Winery, Sonoma Valley/Pinterest/Grgich Hills Estate/ Wine dogs

(bottom right) Pepper from Nicholson Ranch Winery, Sonoma Valley/Pinterest/Grgich Hills Estate/ Wine dogs