Edible Plants for Lazy Gardening

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edible plantsIf you are a lazy gardener, Cathy Isom has some edible plants you can grow without doing much work. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Edible Plants for Lazy Gardening

When it comes to gardening if time is short or perhaps patience it’s probably best to choose edible plants that don’t require a lot of your attention. The good news, there are plenty that will literally do the work for you. Like Arugula, a self-seeder that will keep replanting itself over and over. Snap peas and beans, too.

Radishes are also known to grow with little fuss. And, in under a month.

Tomatoes, especially the smaller grape tomato variety, produce much faster than their bigger counterparts so pests have less of a chance of getting to them. Which, again, means less work for you.

A plant easier than that is Chives. They just love to grow and multiply faster than you can find a way to use them.

Rhubarb, a perennial, will also continue to grow year after year without replanting.

And, if it’s herbs you’d like, Thyme and Mint are your easiest bets. But don’t be too lazy, you may have a hard time controlling these rather than growing them.

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