Companion Plants Which Should Be Grown Next to Tomatoes

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Some companion plants you should grow next to Tomatoes. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Companion gardening is a technique for expanding your garden and helping your plants thrive. It involves growing plants together that complement one another.

For example, some the best tomato companion plants to boost your garden’s success include Borage. Many gardeners believe this herb deters tomato hornworm. It is also popular with bees and other insects, which means it helps ensure tomato plants are well pollinated.

Gardeners also like to grow chives with tomatoes to enhance the fruit’s natural flavors.

For years, gardeners have been planting tomatoes and marigolds together because they believed the flowers eliminated insect pests, such as whiteflies.

Basil and tomatoes grow well together because they have very similar growing conditions. It’s also believed that the basil companion plant enhances the flavor of their neighboring tomatoes.

Other great companion plants for tomatoes include carrots, peppers, sage, garlic and leaf lettuce.

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Companion Plants Which Should Be Grown Next to Tomatoes