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Climate Smart Agriculture

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Online Webinar: Netherlands & California Discuss the Challenges & Opportunities of Saline Agriculture—a Focus on Specialty Crops

climate smart agriculture
Last month CDFA hosted a climate smart agriculture webinar in partnership with the Netherlands and the University of California’s World Food Center addressing salinity in specialty crops within California’s Central Valley and along coastal areas.

The webinar is now available online with included presentations.

Climate Smart Agriculture Online WebinarSaline agriculture, the ability to produce crops with brackish water and in high salinity soils could potentially be of interest to California farmers who encounter these growing conditions. The webinar featured an overview by Arjen de Vos of Salt Farm Texel, a producer of saline agriculture in the Netherlands, as well as perspective from California State Board of Food and Agriculture member Don Cameron, of Terranova Ranch, a diversified farming operation in the Central Valley. Researchers from Wageningen UR and the University of California also provided perspective.

The Climate Smart Agriculture webinar is the first in a series of online discussions on Climate Smart Agriculture to be hosted in the coming months in collaboration with the University of California’s World Food Center.

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