Citrus Growers Educational Seminar Series Begins June 25

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Educational Seminar Series

The Citrus Growers Educational Seminar Series, hosted by the Citrus Research Board (CRB) and the University of California Cooperative Extension, is scheduled to begin in a few weeks.  This year’s seminars are being held on Tuesday, June 25 in Palm Desert, Wednesday, June 26 in Santa Paula and Thursday, June 27 in Exeter.

“We have put together a very well-rounded program,” said CRB Director of Communications Carolina Evangelo.  “We’re looking forward to sharing these topics with the citrus growers in the state.”

Each of the locations will have a similar lineup, which includes presentations from county agricultural commissioners and a panel update on the canine HLB early detection project.  “We’ll be hearing regional farm advisor reports and updates specific to each of those regions at each location.  Also, there will be an update from the California Citrus Research Board, and a recap on last spring’s international research conference on Huanglongbing that’s tailored to the growers,” said Evangelo.

Some of the presentations will be more regional in the information offered, with a focus on specific topics that are relevant to growers in the area of each particular seminar.  There will be an update on the lemon drop project at the Palm Desert seminar, an update on rootstocks and new varieties at the Santa Paula seminar, and a presentation on high-density planting, root health, nutrition, and Asian citrus psyllid at the Exeter seminar.

There will also be CRB board nomination meetings taking place in conjunction with the Citrus Growers Educational Seminar Series this year.  The meetings will occur before the Palm Desert and Exeter seminars.  “For those interested in attending the board nomination meetings, please visit the Citrus Research Board website,” Evangelo noted. “Check for nomination details and the general rules and guidelines for being a board member and serving on the Citrus Research Board.”

Listen to Evangelo’s interview below.

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