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Chicken Company Turning to Body Cameras

DanIndustry News Release, Poultry, Technology

body camerasElite Farm Services of British Columbia, Canada, is turning to body cameras to make sure its workers are following the required best management practices regarding animal handling. Elite came under fire this week after a Mercy for Animals undercover video showed workers hitting, throwing, and kicking chickens. Six workers have been fired and investigation into the matter is continuing. A Meating Place Dot Com article says the chicken catching operation plans to have at least one supervisor and two different workers wearing body cameras at all times while they work in the chicken barns. The cameras will record all activity inside the barns, with the video to be monitored and then archived for 30 days in case further evaluation is needed. The company will also be updating its employee orientation requirements and workplace procedures. The goal of making the changes is to improve the levels of animal care at Elite and be a catalyst for change throughout the industry.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.