Cheap Healthy Eats

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Cathy Isom helps you stay on that New Year’s resolution diet by giving you a few tips on how you can eat healthy without breaking the bank. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Cheap Healthy Eats

Eating healthy is challenge for anyone on a tight budget. Or, is it? When you consider the value of the food in terms of nutrients, the servings it provides, and for how long it actually keeps you full … you may want to reconsider paying for those cheaper dollar-menu fast-food type items that will have you quickly going back for more.  And, instead spend a few extra dollars on the healthier alternatives that will keep you fuller longer, while you’re reaping the benefits of of their nutrition.

For example, some delicious nutrient-dense foods include:

Sweet Potatoes

Green Apples

Romaine Lettuce



Frozen or Fresh Broccoli

Flax or Chia Seeds



And… Carrots.

If you keep these 10 foods stocked at all times, you can turn them into a variety of meals to keep your tummy full and your wallet happy. Not only that, they’re great for juicing, and also easy to prep for snacks on the go.

Other healthy fruits and veggies that tend to be on the less expensive side also include:

Frozen berries and frozen greens



Green peas


And… brown rice.

I’m Cathy Isom…