Cattle Market Concerns Outlined for Lawmakers

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Industry groups are calling on lawmakers to take action on several cattle market concerns. Led by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), dozens of industry groups have sent a letter to the U.S. Senate and House Agriculture Committees. The letter was also supported by 37 state cattle organizations. In the letter, the cattle groups point out five areas of emphasis that need to be addressed.

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“In sale barns and state meetings across the country, we’re hearing the same story of sky-high input costs and intense market volatility. Across the industry, there’s a consensus that market dynamics which consistently squash producer profitability are not sustainable for live cattle or beef producers,” NCBA President Jerry Bohn said in a press release. ““As members of Congress create policy that directly impacts business conditions for our producers, it is critical that they consider the grassroots input and firsthand experiences of folks on the ground.”

Industry groups have highlighted the need for increased transparency in cattle markets and are encouraging the reauthorization of the Livestock Mandatory Reporting (LMR) Act. The groups also expressed interest in proposals to increase the amount of information that is reported under the LMR. Congress is also being urged to expand beef processing capacity to address the lack of shackle space. The groups are also calling for more support of existing processors.

Other cattle market concerns addressed in the letter include the need for reforming “Product of the USA” labeling guidelines. The group is advocating for updated solutions to the problem, aside from the restoration of mandatory country-of-origin labeling. As labor continues to be an issue for many areas of agriculture, the groups are calling on Congress to find solutions to ensure an adequate workforce within the beef supply chain. Finally, the industry groups are also seeking improved oversight of cattle market participants.

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