California Ranked at Bottom of Agribusiness Friendliness Index

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Grapevines and Mustards growing in Napa Valley.

Grapevines and Mustards growing in Napa Valley.

California is ranked worst in the nation for agribusiness in a new report. Sabrina Hill has more.
Agribusiness Friendliness

The Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences has released a new report called the Agribusiness Friendliness Index. It rated the best places for agribusiness in the U.S., and California hits flat with 50th place and an overall grade of “F”.

The report took a number of factors into consideration including the government regulation, government efficiency of revenues and expenditures, government services and business climate. The government showed while we are top for labor availability, agribusinesses in California face more ballot initiatives than any other state as well as many other challenges to agribusiness like government regulations, some of the highest taxes in the nation and the challenge of educating the public about policies being debated each election. The top five states – South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado New Hampshire and North Dakota. The bottom five states – New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, New York and California at the bottom.

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