California Agriculture Headlines for September 24

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Today’s California agriculture headlines include information on a presentation on spinach in the Salinas Valley, Australia welcoming more California fruit, a field day for cotton growers, and a meeting for citrus growers.
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Members of the citrus industry gathered Monday in the Tulare County town of Dinuba, to get the latest information on the Asian citrus pysllid. Hundreds of the psyllids in various life stages were found within the city of Dinuba earlier this month. The Asian citrus psyllid can carry and spread Huanglongbing disease, which kills citrus trees. However, test results from the psyllids found in Dinuba came back negative for the citrus disease.

Did you know the United States is the second largest spinach producer in the world? Our growers produce more than 409-million metric tons each year. California’s biggest spinach-producing area is the Salinas Valley. In fact, about half of the state’s spinach is grown there. The Monterey County Agrilcure Commissioner’s office is planning special presentation on spinach tomorrow, starting at 5:30 p.m., at the Monterey County Farm Bureau office in Salinas.

More California produce is headed down under. The export market in Australia has opened up to more crops. Peaches and nectarines from California and the Pacific Northwest are now allowed entry into all Australian states. Australia is the 7th largest market for U.S. fresh fruit exports.

There’s a field day coming up this week for cotton growers to learn more about a few specific types of cotton which were just introduced in California this year. Speakers will also discuss late-season crop management, including defoliation and harvest. It’s scheduled for this Friday, September 27 at 10:00 a.m. in the Dos Palos area. Click here for more information.