California Ag Headlines for September 6

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Today’s California agriculture headlines include the pistachio harvest, a boost for Brussels sprouts, and crop conditions around the state. Sabrina Hill has more.
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Pistachio harvest is underway in the San Joaquin Valley. This year, farmers expect to harvest about 550 million pounds of the nuts. The pistachio harvest began a little earlier this year than usual, likely due to our high heat.

Here’s a story from the California Farm Bureau’s Ag Alert. They say farmers along the Central Coast are working to try to keep up with growing demand for Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are from the cabbage family and they’ve become very popular among healthy eaters. Harvest of Brussels sprouts will increase during the next few weeks. They’re grown mainly in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties. If you’d like to read the California Farm Bureau’s story on Brussels sprouts, click here.

Checking in with some of the other crops around the state:
Cotton boll opening is about a third complete. And so far this year, cotton condition is 85% good to excellent. Growers are finding fields showing signs of water stress. There are also reports of insect pressure from whitefly and aphids. Producers are also scouting for mites. Insect presence also increased for alfalfa, primarily cowpea aphid.

Wine grape harvest increased across the State; sugar levels are reported as good. Almond harvest is in full swing and walnut harvest is soon to begin.