Instances of Bindweed Popping Up in Central Valley Farms

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bindweedWaterhemp is continuing to cause some concern in and around Merced County, but there is another problematic weed species that growers should be aware of and remain on the lookout for. “Bindweed is actually a big problem throughout the central valley of California,” said Agronomy and Weed Science Advisor for Merced and Madera Counties, Lynn Sosnoskie. “It’s really a concern particularly where we have crops that are grown on drip irrigation and reduced tillage systems.”

Bindweed is a tenacious weed species and can be extremely difficult to control even with herbicides, especially once it has become established in fields. Significant infestation can preclude planting of several vegetable crops. “A lot of our tomato growers who are in rotation with cotton and some other crops are really starting to see bindweed, which is a deep-rooted perennial vine, kind of rear its ugly head in our production systems,” Sosnoskie noted.

Instances of Bindweed Popping Up in Central Valley Farms


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