Bayer Remains Focused on Defending Glyphosate

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bayerBayer has indicated that the company remains intent on defending Monsanto weed-killers that contain glyphosate from any further lawsuits. AgNet West previously reported on the California groundskeeper named Dewayne Johnson, who recently won a lawsuit which claimed that the herbicide Roundup was the cause of his cancer.

After a San Francisco jury awarded Johnson $289 million dollars, a judge later reduced that amount to $78 million dollars, which he agreed to accept against the advice of his lawyers. Bayer has made it clear that when it comes to glyphosate litigation, the company will remain firm in the defense of their product.

“The Court’s decision to reduce the punitive damage award by more than $200 million is a step in the right direction, but we continue to believe that the liability verdict and damage awards are not supported by the evidence at trial or the law and plan to file an appeal with the California Court of Appeal,” Bayer noted in an official statement. “As we move to the appellate stage of this case, one thing is clear: despite an unusual high-profile media and advertising campaign aimed at influencing the Court’s decision, neither the facts nor the law changed in the two weeks between the tentative and final rulings.”

Bayer Remains Focused on Defending Glyphosate

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