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Brazil Says U.S. Ban on Brazilian Beef May End in October

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brazilian beefBrazil’s agriculture ministry says that the ban on fresh Brazilian beef exports to the United States may be lifted in October. The ban was first implemented in June.

A Reuters article says it would end after the U.S. finishes evaluating the responses on documents sent in response to questions raised earlier this year during a U.S. veterinary mission to Brazil.

Brazil exports three percent of its overall beef exports to the U.S., but America is seen as a leader in food safety and other countries will take their cues if America ends the ban.

The prediction on the end of the ban came after Washington D.C. informed Brazil it would allow thermprocessed beef imports to resume from five beef plants in the country. Back in March, Brazil unveiled an investigation into meatpackers accused of bribing inspectors, which led many countries to ban Brazilian beef imports.

While many countries have already lifted their ban, the U.S. has not yet done so, saying there is no timeline in place for lifting the ban as of yet.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.