Long Fight Ahead on EPA Atrazine Proposal

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 Atrazine Proposal

More controversy stemming from a disagreement between the Environmental Protection Agency and decades of research. The EPA’s draft risk assessment on atrazine says the herbicide is harmful to animals and plants, despite lengthy research suggesting otherwise.

Agriculture groups responded to the draft last week, saying the EPA risk assessment is based on misguided science. Politico reports a final ruling could lead to a de facto ban on the use of atrazine by U.S. corn, sorghum and sugarcane growers, but that decision is likely years away. Still, the draft assessment sets up a drawn-out fight over whether research backs up the EPA’s preliminary reports findings that current atrazine levels are harmful to humans and the environment. A comment period on the draft will be open this summer. EPA says the agency plans to convene what will be the 14th Scientific Advisory Panel on atrazine next year, finalizing the report.