Annie’s Project

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Annie’s Project
Today Cathy Isom fills us in on the new changes on the world wide web for the program designed to empower women in Agriculture. Many farm and ranch women in the United States take part in an educational program called Annie’s Project.

Annie’s Project

Its mission is to empower farm women to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. Annie’s Project, Education for Farm Women is excited to announce the launch of their new website.
Advances in technology and a growing demand for the program have been drivers of change. Social media and a redesigned website have been streamlined to improve services to the women who are seeking classes as well as to the facilitators who are trained by APEFW to deliver quality programs.

Annie’s Project is based on the life a of farm woman who grew up in a small town in northern Illinois. Her goal was to marry a farmer and in 1947 she did. Annie spent her lifetime learning how to be an involved business partner with her farm husband.

This video introduces you to an educational program dedicated to strengthening the role women play in the farm business.

To learn more about Annie’s Project and to find out about classes visit