American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag

Brian German General

"My Job Depends on Ag"

My Job Depends on Ag (MJDOA) is much more than a sticker decal and a Facebook page. Co-founder of MJDOA, Steve Malanca shared his excitement for the second season of the show, American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag.

Malanca credits the success to the producer, Jeff Aiello of 18THIRTY Entertainment, who took the charge to transform this idea into reality. The show captures many different facets of the agricultural industry. Malanca explained, “He’s tried to pull stories from our social media onto the TV screen,” he added, “We’ve got a primetime slot every Wednesday night at 7:30 on Valley PBS.” Episodes of both seasons can also be viewed on the Valley PBS website, as well as American Grown’s YouTube Channel

The show is sponsored by multiple Central Valley companies including James G Parker Insurance Associates, Gar Bennett, Golden State FarmCredit, Brandt, Unwired Broadband, Hodges Electric, and Valley Air Conditioning & Repair.

Season Two, released earlier this year, has a variety of episodes focusing on hemp production, beekeeping, irrigation, wine, and more. Malanca considers it a huge success. Agriculture teachers from around the country have reached out explaining they utilized it as an educational experience to show in their classes. It gives students a good idea of all the different career opportunities within the agricultural industry.

Continuing Grassroots Efforts to Build Ag Awareness

Since the early days, MJDOA has always had a mission to raise awareness and appreciation for agriculture. Malanca explained there was never any intention to profit from the endeavor. That is why they partnered with the Central Valley Community Foundation. Money from the sales of decals and other merchandise is put right back into the ag community.

“We’ve taken the profits from these things and passed out – spreading the wealth – small $500 scholarships to kids in high school going to college majoring in ag. That’s been a real rewarding effort,” Malanca noted. “We’re blessed with My Job Depends on Ag to take our message, which is all about awareness, and run with it.”

Listen to the interview below.