river barge traffic

Agri View: River Barge Traffic

Dan Industry

river barge trafficEverett Griner talks about problems on the river with barge traffic in today’s Agri View.

River Barge Traffic

You have already heard more about those tariff trade wars than you want to. There isn’t anything I can’t tell you that you haven’t heard already. Well, maybe there is.

Towns along the Mississippi River, mostly farm towns, are in great trouble as trade issues linger. It seems these barges that are tied up instead of moving farm goods. That’s not good. Many of those barges are loaded with soybeans and other farm products. Not just the soybeans.

Those idle barges means the loss of jobs. Although, the Mississippi River drags along through several states. It seems that Illinois, Iowa, and Arkansas, are especially impacted by those vessels not on the steady move.

Farmers aren’t the only ones that feel the pain. But, they are probably the ones that feel it the most.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…