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Agri View: Food Consumption Study

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food consumptionEverett Griner talks about the 2018 Food Consumption Study conducted by USDA in today’s Agri View.

Does it make any difference how much, or which food you eat? Well, to the producer it does. When a survey shows how much chicken will be consumed this year, it gives the poultry industry an indication of what they need to produce.

And, so it is with other farm products. It has little impact on you and me. But, here it goes. If our Department of Agriculture is right the average consumer will eat 222 pounds of beef and poultry this year. They will also use more dairy products and eat more eggs.

The report goes a lot further than that. But, it is really not as much as it sounds like. For instance, that is about 10 ounces of beef and poultry a day. Or, you could say a hamburger patty and a glass of milk a day. Of course, some will eat more. Some will eat less. And that is the way it goes.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…