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Agri View: Elimination of Slaughterhouses

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slaughterhousesEverett Griner talks about eliminating slaughterhouses not such a good idea in today’s Agri View.

It is a very large group of people who don’t like the way animals are processed for food. In other words, they want to do away with slaughterhouses. That is a term that has a very wide identification.

You don’t process chickens the way you do beef, but they all have to be slaughtered. So it is simple to see. If you eliminate slaughterhouses, you eliminate meat in the process.

By the way, most of these protesters are meat consumers themselves.

Can’t you see what they are trying to do?

The millions of cattle, hogs, and chickens, would have to stay in the pastures, pens, and production houses. This would force production into bankruptcy.

Question is, why would anybody, whether they eat meat or not, even suggest such a nonsensical idea?

Well, put that on you dumb list.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…