Agri View: Bee Decline

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bee in a sunflower
The Honeybee problem still goes on. Everett Griner gives us a little history on the issues with bees in today’s Agri View. For nine years scientists have struggled to find a solution to the problem. Advances have been made, but still no solution. This is not the first time this issue has challenged. Scientific records show a serious decline in the bee population in the 1880’s. They never found out why. In the 1920’s the bee population went into a tail-spin. As recently as the 1960’s the colony rates showed a serious decline. Again, they never found out why. A lot more attention went into the current bee losses. Finding the reason still eludes our entomologist. One major difference. In previous periods of decline, there were no varroa mites. They are not 100 percent the current problem but most entomologist think they are the main problem this time.

Bee Decline…Again