Agri View: 100 Mile Yard Sale

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Yard Sale
Everett Griner tells us just why the “100 Mile yard Sale” idea was developed in today’s Agri View. A new phenomenon is catching on. It is called the “100 Mile Yard Sale”. Organizers designate a hundred miles or more of a state highway. On any given Saturday farm families or anyone else living along that highway can set up their yard sale. You can bet it increases traffic on that day. A new twist has been added. A nine-county highway to promote-grown vegetables of local farmers. Not just fresh vegetables are being promoted. It is a way of teaching shoppers how their food is produced. It also gives consumers the advantage of buying their food fresh. It includes a vast assortment of vegetables. Some poultry and even meat products. The entire idea was developed to promote the farmer. The “World’s Longest Yard Sale” is now being promoted for 2016. Interested in a trip next year?

100 Mile Yard Sale