Ag Coalition Website Launched to Stop CA Glyphosate Regulation

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

A national coalition of farmers and agriculture networks, known as The Ag Defense Alliance, launched a new website providing resources and information about its case against California’s unjustified Prop 65 listing of glyphosate.

coalitionChandler Goule is the Chief Executive of the National Association of Wheat Growers. He’s listed as the lead plaintiff in the case against California. He says the new site will be used to communicate the importance of glyphosate as an important tool for farmers. “Glyphosate is a safe to use and effective crop protectant used by growers to provide an abundant, safe, and affordable supply of food,” Goule says. “Our coalition understands the important of glyphosate to the agricultural economy and we’re committed to communicating with all interested stakeholders as we fight the unjustified Prop 65 glyphosate listing.”

The Fix Prop 65 website provides background information on the case, research, farmer testimonials, as well as information about how farmers use glyphosate. It also provides information about what the scientific community has to say about the herbicide.

A California district court issued an injunction against the listing until it issues a final ruling on the matter.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.