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Avalon Pecan nut
Everett Griner talks about University of Georgia developing a new pecan nut in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

Cathy Isom tells us about the surprising healthy benefits of one popular nut that is often used in holiday treats. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Hear Cathy’s report and learn more. →

pecan marketing order
Everett Griner talks about what the pecan marketing order will do for pecan growers in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

Pecan Products
You won’t find other pecan products on grocery store shelves like you do with almonds and peanuts. Experts say the lack of supply is a big reason for that.

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Pruning Frequency
A pruning trial led the information at this years California Pecan Growers Association’s conference. Different pruning frequency was the focus of the trial and some results showed improved nut quality.

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Pecan Market

New Report Shows Continued Increase in Production, Pecan Market Prices Will See Downward Pressure

U.S. pecans acreage has expanded during the last ten years, and ten year average annual production has increased roughly eight percent. Production has also increased abroad, most notably in Mexico and South Africa, creating additional competitive pressures for U.S. producers and processors. As a result, prices will see downward pressure in the medium term.

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