Celebrating National Pecan Month

Dan Nuts & Grapes, This Land of Ours

pecanIt it more than just delicious. It is nutritious. Cathy Isom fills us in about a month dedicated to a healthy, buttery-sweet nut. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

April is National Pecan Month. And there are so many reasons to love this healthy, buttery-sweet snack that is full of nutritional value. While many of us may think of the delicious dessert Pecan Pie, there is so much more to know about these nuts than just a sweet treat.

Pecans are a natural, high quality source of protein and are sodium free. They contain more than 19 vitamins – like Vitamin E – and minerals and have more antioxidants than any other nut variety. Pecans can also help reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels.

A one ounce serving of pecans is about 15 to 20 pecan halves and is about 190 calories. More than 70 percent of pecans are made up of fat, but rest assured it’s the good kind of fat. A one ounce serving of pecans also provides 10% of the recommended daily value of fiber.

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