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free trade
Japan and Germany over the weekend announced an agreement to work together on free trade. The announcement follows President Donald Trump’s removal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which included Japan. Continue reading

bilateral trade
Japan’s Prime Minister told the nation’s parliament this week he is open to a bilateral trade agreement with the United States. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (sheen-zoh ah-bay) says he is “not afraid” of a free trade agreement with the U.S. if it benefits Japan, according to online newspaper Japan Today. Continue reading

President Donald Trump has assigned Vice President Mike Pence to lead economic dialogue with Japan following meetings with Japan’s Prime Minister. Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Sheen-zoh-ah bay) made no decision regarding bilateral trade negotiations while meeting over the weekend in Florida. Continue reading

Ahead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state visit here, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the National Pork Producers Council urged President Trump to begin negotiations on a free trade agreement with Japan.

In a joint letter transmitted to the White House, NCBA and NPPC asked the president “to initiate free trade agreement negotiations with nations in the Asia-Pacific region beginning with Japan. … As you continue to lead America forward, we want to be a resource for your administration for possible strategies in improving existing and future trade agreements for the benefit of our producers.” Continue reading

japan china trade
Japan isn’t enthusiastic about inviting China into a pacific-rim trade deal abandoned by the U.S.A., fearing increased clout from Beijing and loosening the standards on what it calls “the gold standard for trade rules.” Continue reading

The European Union and Japan are nearing completion of negotiations on a free trade deal. The negotiations got a boost recently when U.S. President-elect Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, according to Reuters. Continue reading

Japan’s parliament Friday ratified the Trans-Pacific Partnership despite the deals likely dismissal by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal called the move by Japan a “mostly symbolic step” because of Trump’s opposition to the trade agreement. Continue reading

trade Japan determined
Officials from Japan are urging Canada to join the fight against U.S. trade protectionism. Japan is still determined to save the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s vow to take the United States out of the agreement. Continue reading

Japan resume
Earlier this month, Japan halted imports of western white and feed wheat from the pacific coast ports after unapproved genetically modified crops were found in an unplanted field in Washington state. Continue reading

market share
Beef exporters from the United States continue to increase market share in Japan as they battle with exporters from Australia. Global Meat News reports shipments of U.S. beef to Japan rose 12 percent in volume and five percent in value to $707.2 million over the first six months of the year. The increase comes despite the preferred beef from Australia which benefits from more favorable tariffs. Continue reading

Japanese Reporters Travel to the U.S. to Learn About Biotech, Biofuels

Japanese-bio fuel from corn
The U.S. Grains Council says key members of Japan’s media traveled across the United States last week to learn about corn production, ethanol and biotechnology. Continue reading

Russia Wants to Export Poultry and Beef Exports to Japan

russia japan exportsRussia is exploring ways to export more poultry and beef products to Japan. Meatingplace reports that officials from Russia and Japan met last week and plans are underway to inspect Russian plants to enable them to export to Japan. Continue reading

Japan Stopping Some U.S. Wheat Imports over Fears of GM Wheat

Whole grain wheat kernels - JapanJapan is halting imports of western white and feed wheat from the U.S. Pacific coast after unapproved genetically-modified crops were found in an unplanted field in Washington State. Continue reading

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