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European Union

Germany asked the European Union last week to speed-up trade talks to open trade with more than a dozen countries. Continue reading

beef producers
While the Obama Administration’s time in office is rapidly winding down, it’s taking up a battle for U.S. beef producers regarding hormones and the European Union. The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office announced this week that it will take a shot at the European Union regarding its ban on hormones in American beef exports. Continue reading

The Office of the United States Trade Representative announced it will start the process of reinstating retaliatory tariffs on goods and products from the European Union due to the E.U.’s unfair treatment of U.S. beef. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Tracy Brunner applauds USTR Ambassador Michael Froman for standing up for the U.S. beef industry and taking action in defense of U.S. beef producers. Continue reading

The European Union and Japan are nearing completion of negotiations on a free trade deal. The negotiations got a boost recently when U.S. President-elect Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, according to Reuters. Continue reading

British GMO law
Great Britain’s exit from the European Union may open the door for British farmers to grow genetically modified crops. British officials are drawing up plans that could allow GM crops in the future. Continue reading

european-union-map-with-flags insurance
A European Union commission is looking into ways of protecting its farmers from environmental disasters and large price swings. To accomplish the goal, a group of experts are recommending that the E.U. adopt a U.S.-style private insurance system. Continue reading

Representatives of Canada and the EU shake hands trade deal
The Prime Minister of Belgium and other political leaders have reached a consensus supporting the proposed trade deal between Canada and the European Union. Continue reading

Representatives of Canada and the EU shake hands
A pending trade deal between the European Union and Canada that was once a certainty to be signed is now all but dead in the water. That’s the opinion of the Canadian Trade Minister who left recent talks in Brussels. Continue reading

The World Trade Organization recently ruled for a second time that European Union (EU) duties on bio-diesel imports from Argentina violated international trade rules. Continue reading

Gmo stamp
A draft law reportedly agreed to by all German ministers would make the decision of whether to ban the cultivation of genetically engineered crops a joint decision by Germany’s federal and state governments in the future. Continue reading

European Union countries flags-working
The European Union (EU) and Canada are working to overcome doubts of other nations included in an EU-Canada free trade deal. The EU and Canada Wednesday announced a declaration spelling out the limits of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, to ease other EU nations, such as Austria, according to Reuters. Continue reading

Dow logo
The European Union’s antitrust regulator said the deadline for a review into the proposed Dow DuPont merger has been suspended because the companies have yet to turn in the required information.

Continue reading

European Union countries flags-support
The United Kingdom this week vowed to support farmers and universities that receive billions in funding each year from the European Union once the country leaves the EU. Continue reading

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