E.U. Advisers Pushing for U.S.-Style Insurance Program

Dan Industry News Release

european-union-map-with-flags insurance
A European Union commission is looking into ways of protecting its farmers from environmental disasters and large price swings. To accomplish the goal, a group of experts are recommending that the E.U. adopt a U.S.-style private insurance system. The Commission recommends the E.U. move away from ad hoc-style disaster payments that were sent to farmers in 2015 and this year. The Commission wants to see a uniform system adopted across the Union. The group says such actions “are vital if the E.U. wishes to invest in improving the uptake of risk management in member states.” POLITICO Europe reports a recommendation to shift resources from the Common Agricultural Policy to fund an E.U.-wide risk management policy. They also want to fund a dedicated platform that could be used to share best risk-management practices to avoid financial difficulties when disasters hit or market prices drop substantially.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.