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Pacific region livestock meat
The world’s biggest packer, JBS, suspended meat production at 33 of its 36 meatpacking plants in Brazil as countries continue to ban Brazilian beef due to the corruption scandal and ongoing investigation. Continue reading

Amid a meat safety issue in Brazil and a trade priorities list from President Trump, some groups are calling for the reconsideration of country-of-origin meat labeling. COOL was repealed by Congress in late 2015 when the World Trade Organization authorized retaliatory measures against the U.S. because of the legislation. Continue reading

meat imports
China is blocking meat imports from Brazil until the nation can provide more information about an investigation into a bribery scheme to release sanitary licenses for meat products. Continue reading

muddy soybean harvest
Brazil’s top soybean producing state, Mato Grosso, has soybean fields ready for harvest but are so muddy it’s difficult to walk through, let alone drive a combine through. A Bloomberg report says a week of persistent rainfall has caused some soybeans to begin fermenting. The beans have become engorged their pods, which have started to open as the oilseeds begin to germinate. Continue reading

corn mexico deal
The CEO of global agribusiness company Bunge Limited says U.S. corn is a better deal for Mexico than corn from Argentina or Brazil. Continue reading

yellow corn
Mexico is turning its attention to South America, given uncertainty over U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade policies. Mexico’s agriculture minister last week announced he would lead a business delegation to Argentina and Brazil to explore buying yellow corn from the two nations. Continue reading

The President of Brazil plans to propose legislation to lift restrictions on foreign ownership of agricultural land in the nation in an effort to pull its economy out a two-year recession. Continue reading

Tractor with agricultural machinery is harvesting corn at field imports
Brazil recently paved the way for imports of U.S. corn following a short corn crop, according to industry sources. Regulators in Brazil last week met and authorized outstanding biotech products needed to open Brazil for U.S. corn exports. Continue reading

Soybean planting in Brazil starts on September 15, but the Agri Money Dot Com website said it’s starting this year under pressure from prices, tight credit, and dry weather. There’s a few worries about the quality of available seeds as well. Crops are not actually allowed in fields before September 15 as the country tries to cut down on the chance of disease and pest pressures. Continue reading

Brazil map-confidenceAmid a deep recession and political uncertainty, confidence in Brazil’s agribusiness sector is bouncing back thanks to stronger local commodity prices and healthy margins. DTN reports the IC Agro agribusiness confidence index surged 19.5 points to 102.1 in the second quarter of 2016. Continue reading

GMO sign-Brazil
Brazil’s agriculture ministry is seeking the approval of U.S. GMO corn imports as the country’s livestock, and poultry producers struggle with tight supplies and rising domestic prices. Continue reading

U.S. Cattlemen’s Association Disappointed in Brazil Announcement

Hanging meat-Brazil
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced yesterday that the U.S. will resume importing fresh, frozen or chilled, beef products from Brazil. Continue reading

USDA Reaches Agreement to Reopen Beef Exports to Brazil

beef BrazilThe Department of Agriculture announced Monday the reopening of Brazil for U.S. beef exports. Continue reading

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