Agri View: Shaking Up NAFTA

Dan Agri View, Trade

  Everett Griner talks about the shaking up of the NAFTA trade deal in today’s Agri View.       Farmers in general, agriculture in particular, is looking at anxiety at our president’s involvement in NAFTA. NAFTA, that’s North American Free Trade Agreement. If you don’t know, that is Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A. It may not be the best …

national wine day

Agri View: Food and Fiber

Dan Agri View, Cotton, Field & Row Crops, Nuts & Grapes

    Everett Griner talks about California producing more than just food in today’s Agri View.     When most people think about farming and California they think about fruit, nuts, and vegetables. They know where that beautiful cauliflower, carrots, and celery comes from. You only have to mention grapes and big juicy peaches to remind people of California. Nobody …

Man hand open poppy head in field. Check of poppy quality. Field with brown ripened Papaver somniferum, the type of poppy from which opium and many refined opiates are extracted.

Agri View: Opium, For the Birds

Dan Agri View

  Everett Griner talks about opium growers having problems with birds in today’s Agri View.       Opium is a legitimate crop grown in India. In fact it is one the major crops. Legal because it is grown for the medical profession. It is closely monitored and carefully inventoried. It is used in a large volume for creating other …

Agri View: Farmers Losses to Thieves

Dan Agri View

  Everett Griner talks about losses suffered by farmers, and farm equipment dealers, to thieves in today’s Agri View.       I read an article recently about farmers’ losses to thieves in my part of the country. My part of the country. It wasn’t about the bale of cotton or a cow. Thieves have gone big time. Tractors, tillage …

migrant labor shortage

Agri View: Migrant Labor Shortage

Dan Agri View, Labor and Immigration

  Everett Griner talks about how the migrant labor shortage problem will hurt everybody in today’s Agri View.     Well our new president’s efforts to control our borders and deport illegals is not a good thing for farmers. It is going to create a labor shortage that’s already a serious challenge. Present laws that permit migrant farm workers to …