Young Producer’s Perspective on the Dairy Business

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youngIt’s a life of high risk and high reward. Dairy farmers face their share of challenges, including a volatile market and unpredictable input costs — however, there are young people looking for ways to return to the business.

The nation’s milk case depends on it.


So says Andy Birch, a 30-year-old dairyman and owner of Maple Grove Farm in Derby, Vermont. He offers this advice for his fellow young, dairy producers.


For Birch and countless others, Registered U.S. Holsteins offer business-building opportunities, especially when it comes to industry-leading genetics.


Birch also credits the Holstein Association USA with helping him get a foothold in the dairy industry, starting as a junior member.


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by the Holstein Association USA with Andy Birch, Maple Grove Farm, Derby, Vermont

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.