worst garden pest

Worst Garden Pest to Watch Out For

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worst garden pestYou have a beautiful, productive vegetable garden. and would like to keep it that way. Cathy Isom has a list of some of the worst garden pests to be on the watch for. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Worst Garden Pest to Watch Out For

Bean leaf infested with aphids – Aphis craccivora

There are many garden pests we need to keep a daily watch for. Among them, the pesky hornworm – or large green caterpillar known for feasting on tomato crops. Another pesky pest, slugs. Try using eggshells to keep them out. Aphids love to chew on roses and other flowers. Applying a soapy insecticide is said to be very effective. Grasshoppers can also wreak havoc. Especially after a rainfall.  Chickens and guineas reportedly give good control by gobbling grasshoppers, but keep an eye on your poultry helpers to make sure they don’t harm crops.

Cucumber beetles could also be serious garden pests as they are responsible for transmitting a deadly bacteria that will wilt cucumbers and melons. Whitefly are also a nuisance and have reportedly been on the rise. One of the best methods is to plant more flowers, plants and herbs that will deter these critters from getting into your garden in the first place.

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