World Wildlife Fund UK: Meat Production is Killing the Planet

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world wildlifeA study by the World Wildlife Fund UK claims the land required to feed food-producing animals is destroying the earth’s biodiversity.

The World Wildlife Fund UK recently released its report, “Appetite for Destruction,” which claims that the United Kingdom’s food supply alone is linked to 33 species extinctions.

However, as meat industry publication Meatingplace points out, contradicting the report is new research from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization that essentially finds that cattle, for example, are doing the planet a favor by eating grains that are not edible to humans and the meat they produce has protein with a higher nutritional quality than the grains they are eating.

Still, the World Wildlife Fund report claims that feeding animals with crops that could be eaten by humans is an inefficient way to add protein to our diet.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.