Wineries Love Valentine’s Day Events

Taylor HillmanGeneral, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Bret Engelman
The weekend before Valentine’s Day is a big one for California wineries. In Fresno County, hundreds of people will enjoy the Wine and Chocolate Lovers Weekend over the next few days. Sabrina Hill has the story.
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Many California Wineries are taking advantage of the weekend before Valentine’s Day to do some extra marketing. The Fresno County Wine Journey is a self-guided wine tasting tour of several wineries, all of which are participating in the special Wine and Chocolate event this weekend.
Bret Engelman is the owner and winemaker at the award-winning Engelmann Cellars. He says these special wine weekends are a great way to bring attention to local agriculture and especially local wineries.
The Fresno County Wine Journey Wine and Chocolate event is free to those who bring their own wine glass.
For more information, and a map of the journey, click here.

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