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What Your Houseplants Need for Spring

Dan Nursery crops, This Land of Ours


Cathy Isom has checked, and tells you about, what your house plants need for Spring. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

What Your Houseplants Need for Spring

As your indoor houseplants reawaken from winter dormancy, they will need a little help from us preparing for the warmer months ahead.

First, give them a good cleaning. Dust tends to build up and can be a breeding plants for insects and pests.  They may also need to be trimmed up a bit from those yellowing or dying leaves. Use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears, wiping with rubbing alcohol between each snip. Move them around since the sun enters your home differently throughout the year. Some may just need a slight shift, while others may prefer a different location all together.

If you have any plants that have outgrown their pots, spring is the time to repot them since they are about to start running riot. Check to see if there are roots coming out of the drainage holes, or if you can see roots nearing the top of the soil. It’s also recommended that you feed your plant supplementing with Epsom salts to boost magnesium, as a lack of magnesium often causes yellowing.

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