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Supercharged Cu++ (cupric ions) are the smallest of any dry copper. The result: better coverage and control – all with less environmental load. See how ChampION++™ measures against three copper competitors in the particle size comparison chart below.

Particle size distribution of ChampION++™, Nu-Cop®, Kocide® 3000 and Badge® X2 by percentile. ChampION++ contains smaller, more uniformly-sized particles. Ninety percent of ChampION++ particles are less than 3.2 microns compared to 5.049 microns for Nu-Cop, 11.739 microns for Kocide 3000 and 19.0 microns for Badge X2. Data collected with Malvern Mastersizer 2000.

Small, but mighty control.

ChampION++ offers superior copper particle distribution for outstanding coverage and disease control. Smaller, more consistent particles provide more thorough leaf coverage compared to fewer large particles on the leaf surface. The smaller particles are more readily absorbed into the plant tissues, resulting in effective disease control.

And with an OMRI listing for use in organic crop product

An OMRI listing for use in organic crop production coupled with a lower use rate for less environmental load results in safe, effective crop protection.

See this interactive guide for more information on Nufarm’s commitment to copper. You’ll find more information on ChampION++ and information on:

  • Champ® Formula 2 Flowable – a ‘never settle’ liquid formulation
  • Champ Dry Prill – a dry prill made with a unique polymer process making it almost dust-free
  • Champ WG – an effective WDG formulation that is also OMRI certified for use in organic crop production and has the WSDA (Washingtion State Department of Agriculture)  organic certificate
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