Westlands Water District Surpasses Groundwater Recharge Goal

Brian German Agri-Business, Water


Westlands Water District has surpassed its goal for groundwater recharge over the last 12 months. The District has successfully recharged 380,000 acre-feet of surface water into its aquifers since March 2023, surpassing its target of 275,000 acre-feet by the end of the water year. The achievement highlights the commitment and efficiency of District farmers, who participated in groundwater recharge programs and incentives. These efforts included implementing various recharge projects such as basins, wells, and Flood-Managed Aquifer Recharge.

“Recharge projects- which have recharged approximately a year’s worth of our aquifer’s sustainable yield- will provide a lifeline to hundreds of family-owned farms during evermore frequent periods when the District receives a low or no water allocation from the Central Valley Project,” Westlands Board President, Jeff Fortune said in a press release. “The Board is proud of the efforts of District farmers to take advantage of groundwater efforts during our recent wet winters and the District stands ready to build on this momentum.”

With 527 approved groundwater projects, the District maximized its allocated water supply and utilized additional surface water from the Central Valley Project. The Board emphasizes the importance of these recharge efforts, which provide a vital resource during periods of low surface water allocation. Looking ahead, Westlands plans to continue prioritizing groundwater recharge initiatives in the next water year to enhance water supply stability and prepare for future needs.

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Brian German
Ag News Director / AgNet West