Western View: Trump Won, Now What?

Taylor Hillman Features, Western View

It’s been the craziest election of our lifetime, and some people still can’t accept the results. It’s been a crazy week ever since, with angry protests around the country. Clinton supporters are furious that she won the popular vote but lost the electoral college.


The electoral college is comprised of Electors that represent the will of the people of each state. Those Electors are not anonymous beings; they are real people. In some states, they are appointed by the heads of the political parties; in others, they are voted into office during the general election. They are people who are active in their political party – they can be elected officials themselves.

Each state gets one Elector for each Senator and Representative. Since the number of Representatives is based on population, big states get a lot of them. But every state gets 2 senators. So small states get a little extra power. Not much more, but enough that “rural America” still has a voice in national affairs and is not always shouted down with the noise from the cities. Turns out it was those of us who live in the sticks that made the difference. Rural Americans turned out in droves and voted for Trump.

Trump, for all his lack of social graces, is promising to right numerous wrongs. We need him to attack the new Waters of the USA rules, the excesses of the BLM, the inheritance taxes that kill family farms, and a half dozen other problems our city dwelling neighbors don’t even begin to understand. No, we don’t like the way Trump talks about women. But we’re not electing a Pope. We’re not electing a King, either. Trump and all his appointees still have to comply with the laws of our society.

I’m sorry our left wing friends and family don’t believe that. It’s sad they are feeling so disenfranchised by this election. But here is reality. A Trump presidency can’t take away the rights of women and minorities – our nation of laws wouldn’t allow it.

It’s time for Democrats to buckle down and take on a new job. They have the role of loyal opposition – its an important job, so get after it. We share the same country, even if we don’t share the same views.

I’m Len Wilcox and that’s the Western View from AgNet West.