Western View: Proper Cowboy Hat Etiquette

Taylor Hillman Features, Western View

One of my favorite writers published a piece that told the rules for wearing a cowboy hat. That writer is Bob Boze Bell, an Arizona cowboy who is also the publisher of True West Magazine.

Now, I like wearing a cowboy hat; not only is there nothing better for shading your head and neck, it’s a statement about who I am and where I come from. I think Boze agrees with that, and I appreciate that he took the time to write down these rules of etiquette..

He says that the first rule is, It is not okay to touch a cowboy hat that isn’t yours. Of course, we all know that from a popular country western song, but it bears repeating; it just isn’t done. Except by grandkids; they are exempt from this rule, when it comes to grandpa’s hat.

Boze says that Hat Rule #2 is iron-clad. Do not wear your cowboy hat in mama’s house. Actually, in any mama’s house. Mothers are sacred. The only exception here is, former mother in-laws, providing she is the one who never thought you were good enough to marry her daughter.

Hat Rule #3: Tip your hat like you mean it. Don’t just flick the brim, remove it from your noggin so there is no confusion, you’re acknowledging someone. But don’t be waving it around like some hillbilly shouting for help.

Hat Rule #4: Wearing Hats Indoors is complicated.

Like Boze, I grew up in cattle country, and I was taught to tip your hat to a lady. And you take it off in a home, church, restaurant or theater. In a public building, you can keep it on.

Hat Rule #5: On the Dance Floor, In the old days, cowboys wore their hats and never took them off. But, so many fights broke out when hats got bumped during dances that now its advisable you take your hat off while dancing.

Hat Rule # 6 is Most of the hat rules cowboys adhere to are not applicable to a cowgirl.

Hat Rule #7: Hats come off in church, except at “Cowboy Church,” where hats are worn, but they must be off for the Lord’s Prayer.

I hope that clarifies the proper etiquette for wearing a cowboy hat. Thank you, Boze Bell of True West Magazine, for your words of wisdom.

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