Western View: Got Rain?

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Original uploader was Theonlysilentbob at en.wikipedia

Original uploader: Theonlysilentbob at en.wikipedia

Got Rain?

Len Wilcox vents his frustration with winter.

Western View: Got Rain?

Song: “Rainmaker” by Harry Nillson

Maybe that’s what we need – a good old fashioned rain maker to come to town.

I’m very disappointed and let down by the weather this year; it’s been particularly treacherous with flooding in San Francisco and points north, but continued drought in the central and south parts of the state. But to add insult to injury, the little rain we did have in the central valley came early. It soaked the topsoil just enough to release fog all winter long. So we had heavy fog, like we usually do during normal winter weather, but we didn’t get the rain and mountain snow that we need to fill the reservoirs.

So it’s been the worst of both worlds; the miserable cold dampness of constant fog, but months of no significant rain. On the east coast, they’re buried in snow, so much snow roofs are collapsing and roads are closed – and they’d love to share, but of course they can’t. Bet they’d dearly love a little global warming – or even just a little regional warming – but Boston and the east coast remain locked in a deep freeze while we pray for rain.

And maybe we will get some more – a Miracle March would be very welcome. We had a half inch drop in this week. My son in law keeps telling me it is what it is; fix your drip systems and get ready to call your well guy. And just in case you’re like me and can’t quite remember what falling rain sounds like, here’s a reminder:

(Rain sound)

I’m Len Wilcox, and that’a the Western View from AgNet West.