The Western View: Ag Startup Resources

Taylor Hillman Features, Western View

Startup companies in any industry face many challenges on the journey from an idea to a sustainable business. Smart entrepreneurs look for resources to help them on that journey. Agfunder, the online ag investment platform, has helped compile a report about 77 different resources dedicated to food and agriculture startup companies.

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The aim of these resources is to fill critical gaps, such as funding, market access and partnerships. This report describes exactly what they offer.

These resources often take a different approach to the same problem. Some offer funding, others focus on certain technologies or geographies, while others focus on helping companies get access to their customer base. These different approaches mean you can pick and choose the one that best fits your situation.

The report is called A Guide to Startup Resources in Agriculture and Food Technology Innovation and is available online as a pdf. It defines seven different types of resources, classifying each of the 77 individual resources into these categories.

Included are some unique Accelerator programs. An accelerator is a set duration program where selected startup companies gets access to a business development curriculum and mentor network. Accelerators often result in offers of funding. This is probably the best-known type of help and has the largest number of individual resources, according to the report.

A Corporate Incubator provides startups with access to capital and the wider resources of a specific corporation. Participation in a corporate incubator can often lead to the corporation in question acquiring the startup.

The report provides information on several other mechanisms by which a startup can gain assistance, as well as prizes and competitions. These resources are world wide and tend to look at a company’s place in the global food marketplace.

To get a copy of this report, visit  and type “startup resources” in the search box then click on “Start Up: A Complete Guide to Startup Resources in Agriculture and Food Technology Innovation”.