Well-Known Herbicide Products Change Hands, Keep Label Details

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Two well-known herbicide products have recently changed hands, but the product labels and chemistries will remain the same. Earlier in the year, NuFarm acquired both the Goal and GoalTender brands. The two products have a history of strong performance in a variety of California crops. Both have great flexibility in terms of application, making them versatile options for growers.

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“They cover a lot of crops, a lot of use patterns, application timings, all the way from high rates in the permanent tree crops down to low rates in a number of vegetable production practices as well. So, we’re carrying all those existing label uses over,” said Dan Beran, Director of Technical Services for NuFarm. “We’re also in the process of getting approval for a number of the supplemental uses as well because they may not be large acres, but as we know there are some critical crops that really don’t have a lot of herbicide options.”

The two herbicide products have been valuable for California growers for a number of years. They are another important tool that producers can use in permanent crops, along with various vegetable crops as well. The two products can fit easily into weed management programs, complimenting other herbicide materials. Rotating in another solid option for weed control can help mitigate resistance issues in crops.

“These chemistries have both post-emerge activity. At lower rates, they can be used in combination with glyphosate. They also can be used at higher rates, especially in those permanent tree crops, for long-term residual control. It really helps round out many of the other herbicide practices that are being done,” Beran noted. “There’s good flexibility and really clean chemistry when it comes to safety across a number of crops. It really stays where it’s sprayed. I think that’s part of the reason why they have been so well-established and have found their way into a number of cropping systems.”

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