Week in Review: U.S. Ag Exports Struggling & New Challenges for Mid-Kings River GSA

Brian GermanIndustry

A drop in U.S. exports to China shows up significantly in the latest trade forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). A new study warns that a renewed trade war with China could cost California agricultural exporters up to $1 billion annually. The Sites Project Authority announced that if the Sites Reservoir were already operational, it would likely be sitting at its full capacity. The Kings County Water District board has voted to withdraw from the Mid-Kings River GSA, sparking concern and uncertainty among local farmers.  USDA’s new Assisting Specialty Crop Exports Initiative (ASCE) is now accepting applications. The California Department of Water Resources has released its first comprehensive Long-term Drought Plan for the State Water Project. Stay informed about the latest agricultural issues by subscribing to the newsletter.