Weather Largely Cooperative for Start of Citrus Season

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It appears that the start of the citrus season has been a good one for California growers. After a fairly mild fall, the recent drop in temperatures is helping to build better fruit quality.  Last week President and CEO of California Citrus Mutual, Casey Creamer said the weather has been largely cooperative heading into winter.

Casey Cramer
Courtesy California Citrus Mutual

“All in all, it’s been a pretty good start to the season when it comes to the cold weather,” Creamer noted. “Obviously we don’t want to see the hard freeze situations where we’ve got damage to the crop. We’ve avoided that scenario. So, it’s just more of an annoying thing for a lot of growers that they know that this time of year is going to be a little bit colder. It means a lot of sleepless nights and wind machines and the extra cost there with labor cost.”

Listen to the radio report below.

Weather Largely Cooperative for Start of Citrus Season
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