Voices Of The Valley Podcast: Talking Microbiomes

Taylor HillmanPodcasts, Technology

This episode of the Voices of the Valley podcast is made possible by HarvestPort, an innovation hub and marketplace for better agricultural products, practices, and ideas. Find out more at HarvestPort.com.

In this week’s Voices of the Valley podcast episode, Co-founder and CEO of Boost Biomes Jamie Bacher shares how his company is harnessing the potential of microbiomes (the microorganisms in a particular environment). During this episode of Voices of the Valley, Bacher gives listeners an exploratory tour of the startup’s proprietary discovery platform, which uses high throughput sequencing, selective enrichment, and advanced informatics to identify microbial products with important commercial roles. He also explains how the company is using the platform to develop safe and effective naturally-occurring microbes and consortia which can manage diseases of high-value crops.