Voices Of The Valley Podcast: Start-up Challenges and the Importance of Analyzing Data

Taylor Hillman Agri-Business, Technology

This episode of the Voices of the Valley podcast is made possible by HarvestPort, an innovation hub and marketplace for better agricultural products, practices, and ideas. Find out more at HarvestPort.com.

Roi Adar, general manager of RootsTalk, provides an inside look into what it’s like being an agtech entrepreneur. He reveals how he identified which crops to target while forming his agtech start-up company, RootsTalk, and how he made it a priority to build a team that has experience in all facets of agriculture. He provides insight into the future of agtech and how data is not the answer – agtech companies must compile AND analyze the data to provide real-time action items. He also delves into how RootsTalk’s tech, which offers an advanced drip irrigation system, works.