Voices Of The Valley Podcast: Shareable Resources Were Just The Beginning, Part 1

Taylor Hillman Agri-Business, Technology

This episode of the Voices of the Valley podcast is made possible by HarvestPort, an innovation hub and marketplace for better agricultural products, practices, and ideas. Find out more at HarvestPort.com.

Brian Dawson, founder & CEO at HarvestPort, speaks on the importance of bridging the gap between technology and agriculture. He shares how he originally launched HarvestPort as a platform that allows agribusinesses to share their seasonally-used equipment and assets, so farmers can monetize idle equipment during their off-season. Known as the “Airbnb” of agriculture, HarvestPort allows participants to both lease and procure planting, harvesting, transportation and storage resources through an online marketplace.

This episode of Voices of the Valley is a special two-parter. Tune in next week to hear how Dawson transformed his business into now a service-focused company.