Voices Of The Valley Podcast: Leveraging Worldwide Data to Stay Competitive in Markets, Part 1

Taylor Hillman Agri-Business, Podcasts, Technology

This episode of the Voices of the Valley podcast is made possible by HarvestPort, an innovation hub and marketplace for better agricultural products, practices, and ideas. Find out more at HarvestPort.com.

Martha Montoya, founder and CEO of AGTools, shares how her company has come up with a tool designed to assist farmers, suppliers, and buyers, with gathering and simplifying data to improve a consumer’s decision-making. During this episode of Voices of the Valley, Montoya goes beyond the field, sharing some of the capabilities of the tool and how leveraging worldwide data helps companies stay competitive in markets. She also explains how the data provided through AGTools allows for full transparency across the entire supply chain while preventing farmers from spending more money than necessary.